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23 years since the start of broadcasting in 1996 and 17 years after the end of regular broadcasting, the Hokkaido local variety “How about Wednesday” (HTB) still has a strong fan base all over the country. Broadcasting of “latest work” for the first time in 6 years from the previous work “First Africa” (October 2013 to January 2014) will start on the 25th of this month (first time 0: 35-1: 35, first) 1 night and 2nd night broadcast, every Wednesday after 11: 15-11: 45)

From 16 to 17 years, performers and staff made remarks about the start of filming on the official website, SNS, and various events. “This time it seems to have accumulated a lot of locations”, “It seems that it will be broadcast in 2018” (although it was not done …), “It seems that only four people have traveled for the first time in a long time”, over 2 years As various information and speculation flies among enthusiastic fans, the truth has long been wrapped in a thick veil.

Takayuki Suzui, “How about Mr.” who continues to play an active role in television, movies, and theater. Hiroshi Oizumi ran up to a national actor who could not be pushed or pushed, such as starring in a national drama. And two directors, Tadatoshi Fujimura and Masamichi Ureshino, who lead the program with unique characters and unusual ideas and performance.

The “latest work” released by these four people is the “Live View”, which was broadcast at the same time by connecting the venue of “Wednesday Howard Festival 2019” held in October with 204 movie theaters nationwide. The first night and the second night were pre-screened at Ing, and a total of 100,000 people watched over three days. It became a big topic in Internet news.

Filming started on January 8th, 17 years after the beginning of New Year. The location is Mr. Suzui’s house in Akahira. “Sanjo” on the new location that was sent to the directors by email from Oizumi early on New Year’s Day. The real intention of “Wady about how it’s straying on Wednesday” that Fujimura D spilled while recording the program. What kind of development will the “latest work”, the longest-ever, unusual project announcement, appear in the future?

It is about the first time from the start of the first night and the second night, which will be the fastest ever in “HTB Hokkaido on Demand” (https://hod.htb.co.jp/) so that programs can be watched in areas other than Hokkaido. Delivery after 5 minutes is decided. Share and enjoy “What’s New on Wednesday” nationwide.


Don’t spoil?

The latest work on Wednesday is close to broadcasting.

That said, it ’s local in Hokkaido

It seems that the program will spread all over the country later.

I pray that the person who saw it early will not spoiler the content.



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