MUJI, a Chinese company [Lost]‼

The MUJI plan to develop “MUJI” revealed that it was defeated by a Chinese company in a lawsuit over the trademark rights of “MUJI” in China and was ordered to pay about 10 million yen.

China has a two-trial system, and the verdict has been confirmed and paid.

A Chinese company registered the trademark rights for “MUJI” towels and bedspreads before the good product plan registered the “MUJI brand” trademark. A Chinese subsidiary of Ryohin Keikaku sold products without trademark rights under the trademark of “MUJI”, and a Chinese company was complaining that “trademark rights were infringed”. The good product plan lost in the first trial in 2017 and appealed, but also lost in the second trial finalized on November 4 this year.

Other than products such as towels and bedspreads, Ryohin Keikaku has registered trademarks and it can be sold in China in the future. “In the first place, it is not valid for a Chinese company to have a trademark of“ MUJI ”,” a spokesman said, in another lawsuit against the company.

It ’s not real?

The MUJI product plan was lost.

Although it is natural, I am packing a Japanese good product plan,

It is a strange story that the side who wins the game wins.

Well, trademark registration may be a first-come-first-served basis,

Since it is a trial, you can investigate the obvious Pakuri | ω ・)

Apply for trademarks for things that have become a hot topic in Japan

Ton demo that has nothing to do


The application conditions should be discussed.



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