Greta calm down

On December 12, US President Trump bitted that Swedish environmental activist Greta Tunberg (16) was selected as the “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine.

Mr. Trump was also chosen as the final candidate for “Person of the Year” but lost to Greta.

On this day, Trump responded to a Twitter post celebrating Greta ’s selection of “Person of the Year” and said, “It ’s absolutely ridiculous. You should go to see it! Calm down, Greta, Calm down! ”

Immediately after this comment, Greta changed the profile section of her Twitter account and changed it to “Teenager working on anger management.

Is Greta angry?

American President Trump commented on Greta.

As a Swedish environmental activist,

It became the face of this year


Comments are always grumpy.

At a young age of 16

It is a kind of talent that can send such criticism to the world.

However, I understand the ideal that everything in the world should be neatly organized,

As I get older,

A clean ideal alone will not work | ω ・)

The time will come when you realize that.



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