[SNS] stolen from a bank and arrested

In Charlotte, North Carolina, an employee man was arrested and prosecuted for theft and other charges for repeatedly stealing cash from a bank safe at work. The state prosecutor’s western prosecutor announced.

The clue to the detection was a photo of thick bills and luxury cars that the man posted on his favesock.

According to the announcement, defendant Arland Henderson (29) was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in San Diego, California for stealing $ 88,000 from a bank safe. It is said that he had stolen cash from bank safes at least 18 times this year.

The stolen cash was deposited into my account from an automated teller machine (ATM) near the office.

From July to August this year, Defendant Henderson posted a photo with a thick wad in Facebook and Instagram, and in September, a photo taken with White Mercedes-Benz in Hollywood, California. Was posted. I was arrested on December 4th, about three months later.

The purchase of this Benz is said to have paid $ 20,000 from the stolen cash as a deposit, forged bank documents, signed a car loan agreement with another financial institution, and used it for the balance.

Defendant Henderson went to the US District Court in Southern California in early December for charges of theft, financial institution fraud, embezzlement, misrepresentation, and money laundering. The trial takes place in North Carolina.


A fool?

A man who stole money from a bank was arrested.

It ’s a fool to post on my SNS.

To do something that seems to be in trouble

On the contrary, I feel crazy.

I want to satisfy SNS’s approval needs even with a lot of money

Does that mean that?

If you suddenly embark on a luxury car, you’ll be barred | ω ・)



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