John’s broken sunglasses [20 million yen]

[London joint] Broken sunglasses that the late John Lennon, who was a member of the Beatles, was auctioned in London on the 13th and was sold for £ 137,500 (about 20 million yen). BBC broadcasts reported on the 14th. It was kept by a man who was a member driver. The winning bidder is unknown.

Sunglasses are greenish round lenses. In 1968, Lennon forgot in the backseat of member Ringo Star’s car. A man who noticed that the lens was off the golden edge asked Lennon if he would repair it, and he refused to “don’t worry” because he was wearing it as fashion.

Super valuable?

John Lennon sunglasses were awarded.

20 million yen is a great amount.

No matter how much sunglasses will be produced with the latest technology

John Lennon does n’t give me a call,

Can it be said that there is added value beyond the number of 20 million yen?

A must-have for music lovers.



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