Cook in 14 minutes [rice cooker]

On December 16, Sanko released the ultra-compact rice cooker “Super High Speed ​​Lunch Box Rice Cooker” for 14 minutes. The price is 6,980 yen (including tax).

As its name suggests, “Super High Speed ​​Lunch Box Rice Cooker for One Person” is a lunch box size rice cooker that can cook rice in 14 minutes. The capacity can cook up to 1 go.

High-speed cooking is achieved by heating not only the bottom of the pot but also the side with a powerful heater stretched around the bottom of the main unit. Without using special rice, it can be cooked in 0.5 minutes for 14 minutes of cooked rice and 19 minutes for cooked rice. You can always enjoy freshly cooked rice.

The main body can be washed, and after cooking rice, you can eat it as it is without moving to a bowl. The main body size is 240 x 100 x 80mm in height and weighs 840g, so you can easily carry it in your living room, your own room, or your workplace.

I want to eat delicious freshly cooked rice, but it takes a long time to cook rice.

In addition, on Twitter and other Internet sites, “This is amazing!” “I want to bring it to school (laughs)” “Yanke is sold out immediately” “Can I eat freshly cooked rice during the lunch break?” “Cospa is better than a rice pack!” “It’s good for elderly people living alone” or “Isn’t it possible to use a battery or USB?”


A rice cooker for one person has appeared.

Recently, alone grilled meat,

This is a trend that is exclusively for one person.

Japanese people want to live away from others.

This rice cooker is a product that responds to that hope.

There has been a rice cooker for one person before,

There was no lunch box type.

If you can cook and take it as is

I don’t have much time and effort.

And cook well

Whether it is delicious | ω ・)

is not it.



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