Furious with convenience store clerk

Singer-songwriter Suga Shikao (53) updates Twitter on the 18th. I felt uncomfortable at the convenience store clerk’s response and said, “I got angry.”

“Thanks to the convenience store clerk who says there ’s no way to speak, I quit in the middle of the procedure for courier service and came out angry,” said Suga. I usually say, “I do n’t get angry because I ’m so busy”, but on that day, I spelled “I was worried about Twitter”.


Is n’t it hard for you?

Suga Shikao was furious.

Once you have completed the procedure

I am easy

That ’s why,

Throwing out on the way

Did you go to a convenience store in an ignorant state?

If you take a voucher in advance

Just go through the cash register,

Was the store clerk really bad?

I think that.



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