Yoshimoto [Transportation cost problem]

It is a bit of an uproar as the “transportation autonomy” problem that broke out inside Yoshimoto Kogyo was exposed.

This was triggered by Koji Higashino (52) in the Kansai local “Marco Porori!” (Kansai TV) broadcast on December 1st. From the flow of talk about the encouragement party of Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) sponsored by Akashiya Sanma (64), from the perspective of the camera, “Miyasako, Kimi, all Yoshimoto entertainers have cut their transportation costs from January!” And invited the studio to laugh.

In a form that follows this, “All Night Nippon” broadcasted on the 5th of late night, Ninety-nine Takashi Okamura (49) cut out, “Transportation cost issue with the most severe earthquake among entertainers!” If you don’t get rid of, then you’ll be able to pass (and before the dark business problem)! “, But on SNS, there are some skeptical comments on the remarks of the two people. What are some of the reasons why high salary is really good? , Etc. are included, and in Higashino, there is a situation where even an article pointing out a gap in the sense of common people is being uploaded, but in fact this seems to be different.

“The story is spreading in such a way that all transportation costs become self-employed, but it is only the taxi fare that Yoshimoto presented to the affiliated entertainers” (mid-level Yoshimoto entertainer). In other words, the company is in a stance that the train fare and bus fee will be paid.

In the first year of the retirement year, the “Laughter General Trading Company” would be reluctant to deal with the dishonest response that would be corrected or later corrected. Lamenting with a deep sigh.

“Surely, Yoshimoto suggested that“ the taxi fare will be completely abolished ”from January next year. As Mr. Higashino appealed in the program, it was allowed to use taxis at nights and early mornings, as well as at sites far from the station. There are no exceptions, but the managers who explain are not listening, but it is a single point that “we have accepted the taxi fare with the good intentions of the company so far.” Mr. Higashino and other remarks that could not see such a situation My seniors are on my behalf to negotiate with the office, but what will happen … ”

The end of the “taxi fare turbulence” is true.


Isn’t it costly to cut costs?

It seems that Yoshimoto Kogyo takes his taxi fee.

The place that cuts thinking that taxis alone are allowed

As expected, it ’s Yoshimoto Kogyo | ω ・)

I think.

Reflect on the dark business turmoil

I do n’t mean you ’re going to be an entertainer first.

Even from an entertainer who was trying to protect the company

It ’s natural to have a backlash.



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