Why Miyazon [Gifu]⁉

There have been some doubts about the fact that only Tamiya Miyazawa has been selected as the torch runner of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in Gifu Prefecture in April next year. It is said that 17 inquiries such as “I can’t feel the connection to Gifu” were received by 4:00 pm on the 19th.

However, since the runners were announced, prefectural residents have pointed out the reasons why they were selected and “there is little or no connection with Gifu”. The prefecture states that it wants to respect Ogaki City’s wishes as much as possible and has no plans to change it. Miyazon-san’s office has not indicated any intention to decline.


Want to respect but not change?

Miyazon has been selected as the torch runner.

But the place is Gifu | ω ・)

Apparently it is not hometown etc. and it has nothing to do with it

Has become a topic.

In the explanation of the parties concerned

What about Basho Matsuo?

It seems

It is such a lie.

It’s simply that Miyazon has a local job.

The Olympics are more sacred,

We should have respected the opinions of local people.

There is no such thing as Basho (laugh)



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