[Alleged power harassment]⁉

Former female professional wrestler and talented Jaguar Yokota (58) husband and doctor Hirokatsu Kinoshita (51) sent a fax to the news media on the 19th. There are a number of differences. ”

Associate nurse A, who worked together for approximately two years from April 2017, accused. On December 16, he sent a proof-of-contents mail, requested a reward of ¥ 3 million, and was considering legal measures if he could not respond.

Mr. Kinoshita wrote in an autographed document: “There are a lot of different facts about this Bunchun digital article, which is published at the end of the article. “We have answered (refuted) the reporter’s question”, and the proof mail from Mr. A’s agent was “December 18th. I asked a lawyer to discuss it. “I am thinking.”

Regarding the alleged power harassment to the staff, Mr. Kinoshita denied, “It ’s really rootless, such as violence or even assault.” For Mr. A’s rant, “It ’s important to forget to give instructions. It ’s angry, complimenting, soothing, yelling, paying attention, checking at the end of the day, Or somehow sought and tried a way that would benefit him. ”

Kinoshita also published answers to nine detailed questions of Weekly Bunharu Digital. Many questions argued that “there is no such fact” and led to the comment that “there are many differences from the fact” on that day.


Behind the smile?

Mr. Kinoshita raised a suspicion of power harassment.

Always smile

Mr. Kinoshita became famous for the victim character of Jaguar Yokota.

Is power harassment true?

I do n’t think I ’m always smiling,

I feel a little scared,

Being sold in a weekly magazine


It also smells like a gold pattern.

There may be a conversation at the midpoint of each other,

What about the truth?



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