Can you really eat it?

This time I worked on a cake. Speaking of Christmas, it’s like a feast of cakes and chicken. But what he posted on Twitter …

“When I baked the green and yellow sponge cakes and piled them up, I could sponge more than I expected.” On top of the rectangular yellow sponge is a dark green sponge with a slight thickness. There is a cream of white eight-part stands.

…… If this was not a dish and it was in the sink, nobody would think it was a cake and used it for pot polishing. Yes, the sponge was sponge, but there was a sponge-like sponge cake on the plate for washing (complex).

From the people who saw this, the girls complained that “The cream seemed to be a cleanser or some sort of detergent …”, so it is common for general cleaning at school “A little boy, I wear too much cleanser” Until the brain has enough room to reproduce, “ The sensation of the green part is increasing the realness ” “ The brain does not recognize it as food even if the image is enlarged to the original size ”, make something that can be eaten There are people who seem to be not directly connected to the sponge who eats.

Certainly this is a sponge difference! ! The color of the sponge of the cake is just as good as that for washing, so there is no helping it.

I have no appetite?

It’s a very innovative cake.

Because it is an image of a sponge embedded in our Japanese memory,

I have no appetite | ω ・)

If you do something like this

On the contrary, some guys try to eat real sponge

Need attention



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