school teacher recruitment ratio [lowest ever]‼

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said on Tuesday that the competition rate for elementary school teachers decreased for the eighth consecutive year to a record 2.8 times (0.4 points lower than the previous year) in the teacher recruitment test in the first year of Reiwa. Survey revealed. Local governments, such as Niigata (1.2 times) and Fukuoka (1.3 times), are less than twice as many as 12 prefectures, and there is a concern that the quality of teachers will decline. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said, “I would like to respond with a sense of crisis” (Education and Human Resources Policy Division), and will strengthen guidance to local governments to adopt them systematically.

According to the Ministry of Education, the total number of test takers, including teachers and nursing teachers at public elementary and junior high schools and special needs schools in the first year’s examination, was 148,465, a decrease of 12,202 from the previous year. A total of 34,952 people increased by 1966, and the overall competition rate dropped 4.2 points to 0.7 points.

Among them, the competition rate of junior high schools was 5.7 times (6.8 times the previous year), and that of high schools was 6.9 times (7.7 times the previous year).

Elementary schools were especially serious, 2.8 times that of 1991, the lowest ever. By region, about half of the 68 municipalities (prefectures, government-designated cities, etc.) that employ teachers were less than three times, and the municipalities less than doubled were Niigata, Fukuoka, and Saga (1.6 times). ), Hokkaido (1.7 times), Kitakyushu (Same as above) and 4 cities in 8 prefectures. Only five local governments, including Hyogo Prefecture (6.1 times) and Sagamihara City (5.8 times), surpassed five times.

What is most worrisome about the lower competition rate is the lower quality of teachers. The Ministry of Education is encouraging local governments to recruit diverse human resources, such as conducting special selections for those with experience teaching, as well as new university graduates.

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The ratio of elementary school teachers seems to be the lowest ever.

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It is possible to think that the number of people who want to become drastically decreases.

Because the number of children has decreased dramatically compared to the past,

The number of teachers should be small.

It is a strange story.

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