Bakarhythm [marriage]‼

On December 24, Bacalism announced on his homepage that he had married Yumemane Nemu, a former

According to Bacharism, “I got acquainted through my work and after several years of friendship, I started dating and this time I got married.”

On the same day, Yumeshin published a handwritten message on his Twitter saying, “ Although we are still immature people, we will grow more as a human being, support each other as a couple, and work hard to live a happy and happy life. ” Was.

Yumemun talks about baccarism, Hidenori Masuno, in “Cat Tongue SHOWROOM Australia Room” (SHOWROOM), which was released on March 19. “I also love Mr. Masuno. It’s a genius,” he said, and said, “Thanks to Mr. Masuno because I’m no longer sick.”

When Yumemun posted on Twitter “Tough”, it was said that there was a reply from Bacalism that “I ate a really big pear. Alone.” Yumeshin said, “Everybody usually said” Is it okay? “Or” Don’t say that, “but just reported that I ate a big pear. That made me feel very happy (laughs). Thanks.

He was encouraged to say, “Oh, today, Bacalism ate a big pear. It’s good! It looks like a big pear.

Yumeshin explained how he became intimate, saying, “I felt compassion for me to be cheerful.

They have been co-starring for a long time in the program “Ai Chara” (Nippon Television) that fosters two-dimensional characters. I want to pray for long-lasting happiness.

An unexpected combination?

Entertainer Bacharism is married.

The other party is former

Isn’t it a surprising combination?

Because of the baccarism character

Former idol

Although it seems to be commenting with cold eyes,

It would have been a good match for a lifetime companion.

The marriage rush of entertainers continues.



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