Water bottle that is too small

Do you know the water bottle called “Pocket” that sells well now? Initial sales in November 2018 were aimed at selling 50,000 units a year, but production has continued to increase immediately after the release, and shipments of 1 million units have been confirmed this year, 20 times the initial plan.

The biggest feature is its size. It is 4.5cm deep x 14.3cm high, so compact that it fits in your pocket. The capacity of the conventional market was 200ml, which is only 120ml and one cup of coffee.

At first glance, why is it a huge hit that sells like a fly, despite its ultra-small size that could be expected to demand, “Is it too small?”

The first interesting thing is the breadth of the demographics. The concept was “only as much as needed”, initially targeting women.

“I was imagining a scene where an OL in their 20s and 30s commuting to Tokyo who went to work with their favorite drinks in the morning and added it from a water server at work,” said Pokettle. Yusuke Kobayashi, the creator of DESIGN WORKS ANCIENT, speaks.

The aim was hit. For example, lofts are relatively more likely to purchase this tier. Minako Sakuma, a buyer of lunch and miscellaneous goods at the Lifestyle Goods Department of the company, analyzes the background that women accepted.

“Isn’t the trend of smaller bag sizes also affecting this? Recently, there is a tendency to select light and small lunch boxes and other items.”

I’m convinced that I want to reduce my luggage when I go out. “It is unusual for bottles to sell this much,” says Sakuma. Initially, the sales target was 3,000 units per month, but the cumulative sales since the launch in November 2018 has exceeded 50,000 units. Even though the unit price is not large at 1200 yen (excluding tax), the month of the lunch miscellaneous goods division has jumped to the top in sales.

However, the main purchaser of POKETL is not OL. “Half of the buyers are senior women,” Kobayashi said. I can’t drink, I can’t carry heavy luggage, I want to take medicine on the go. It seems to fit the daily needs of such seniors.

Not only seniors, but also a wider audience than expected. For example, moms said, “It’s handy to carry white water to make baby milk powder” and “It’s just right for children to go to learning.”

The other day, I was helped by a pocket when I attended my son’s lesson football. A visit in the cold season is a fight against the cold, but he could spend his time warming himself with hot tea. In such a small outing, the 500ml water bottle used for leisure is too heavy to drink, and the tea in the plastic bottle cools down quickly, so I realized the convenience.

30% of all buyers are men. It is popular when it fits in a folding umbrella for a business bag. There are many men who put their favorite coffee or use it as a cup at work. It seems that some men carry alcohol on the day off, but be careful as alcohol is prohibited as described in the instructions. But I also like alcohol, so I understand my feelings.

There are many other needs, such as those who buy for walks and walking, measures against heat stroke and outdoor festivals, those who want to bring two types of drinks, and those who buy more than one for gifts.


Is it too small?

It looks like a too small water bottle is selling stupidly.

Want to carry a drink?

So should I carry a lot?

That ’s the usual idea,

Modern Japan seems to have a lot of people who want to carry it with the minimum necessary.

It seems that small bags have become popular,

Somewhere deep inside the heart of the Japanese

Minimal and convenient

There seems to be a desire to live.



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