Yukina and [Divorce]‼

It has been revealed that Toshifumi Fujimoto (49) and comedian Yukina Kinoshita (32) of the comedy combination “FUJIWARA” have divorced on the 31st. Both offices announced with their comments. On this day, a divorce notification is submitted to the ward office in Tokyo. Kinoshita has custody of the two daughters.

The two married in August 2010. The eldest daughter was born in August 2012, and the second daughter was born in November 2015. He and his wife co-starred on variety shows, and were known as squatting couples. According to officials, marital relations gradually deteriorated this year due to quarrels. Since fall, they have been discussing the possibilities of continuation of marriage, separation and divorce with third parties.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that Kinoshita had sent a message about how his sister worked at the Tapioca store on SNS, which caused a commotion, and Kinoshita voluntarily stopped performing in November.

The following two comments

Toshifumi Fujimoto “I am very sorry for each one, but I will report here that Toshifumi Fujimoto has divorced Yukina Kinoshita on December 31. As a couple in each other’s entertainment life As a result of repeated discussions and conflicts in life, we came to such conclusions.Even if we were no longer in the form of a married couple, we would continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a father and mother in child care. We apologize for any inconvenience to all of you and the people involved, but we hope you understand it. Toshifumi Fujimoto ”

Yukina Kinoshita “I, Yukina Kinoshita, is going to be divorced from Toshifumi Fujimoto. I have custody, but two of us have been born between us. For her daughter, she is the only father and mother in the world, so she will continue to cooperate with each other and raise her children as before. We apologize for any inconvenience and concerns. Kinoshita Yukina ”


Did it end before the uproar?

Fujimon and Yukina Kinoshita have divorced.

I’m surprised at the divorce at the end of the year.

Many people are off on New Year’s Eve,

I guess it’s an announcement aiming at such timing.

Yesterday live variety show

Fujimon appeared | ω ・)

So I dare to avoid it

I’ve committed a taboo as an entertainer.

Fujimon is guilty of intimidation,

We wanted you to announce in program.

That kind of place should be interesting for live TV broadcasting.


Why don’t you apologize

That meant that, too.



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