First child [Secret birth]‼

A singer Ayumi Hamasaki (41) turned out to be giving birth to her first child on April 2.

In the interview with Sponichi, he was a boy and gave birth last November. The child’s father is a younger general man, not married, and has no plans to do so.

Since its debut in April 1998 in 1998, the literally “Heisei Diva”, which has sold more than 52 million CDs, the most female solo singer ever, has become a mom in Reiwa.

The shock of “The birth of a real child” follows the secret story of “The birth of a singer, Ayumi Hamasaki” was revealed in the autobiographical novel “M” (Gentosha), which became a big topic since last August. It seems that it is also related to the birth secret story why the autobiographical novel was drawn as Reiwa, and just because “ M ” is scheduled to be drama on TV Asahi in April this year, It will be noticed that they are also connected.

Hamasaki, who sang “Heisei” in the turbulent era of the music world with all his might, will be the first new year for a single mother in 2020. While Namie Amuro (42) and Tetsuya Komuro (61), who lived in the same era, retired and the music scene changed drastically, for Hamasaki who will continue to sing through the lifestyle he believed in, 40 It seems to be a great support for my child, who has been awarded past his age, to continue singing even in the new age of “Reiwa”.

One month after the secret birth of the shock, Omisoka last year. The annual countdown concert is held at the 1st Gymnasium, Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo. He ran around the stage in a mini skirt in front of a large crowd of more than 10,000 people, and performed a hot performance that could not be expected one month after delivery for about 3 hours.

Next month, a large-scale national tour of 38 performances will start in half a year. As a mom and singer, a year of sprinting will begin more than ever. What kind of world will Reiwa’s Diva, who became the mother of one child, deliver by song? It is likely to be 2020, where you can keep an eye on Hamasaki more than ever.

On high alert?

Ayumi Hamasaki gave birth to a first child.

I can’t tell even my pregnancy

It seems to have been a secret birth.

Even so, we report normally,

Raising children without getting married?

Don’t you think too lightly?

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with your money or life,

You should have more responsibility.

The other party is younger

The other party is also the other party.

Fall from the top of the singer

How to spend

Although it is completely his own freedom.



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