[Soba shop] in the Benz showroom

A luxury foreign-car dealer, Mercedes-Benz, has opened a popular stand-up soba noodle shop called “The best in Japan.” The aim is to attract new customers such as young people.

Mercedes-Benz has revived the popular standing eateries Minatoya, which had been operating in Toranomon, Tokyo until February this year on the showroom premises. The menu is one type of warm meat buckwheat, with plenty of green onions, and a dipping sauce containing chili oil. It comes with raw eggs and costs 1200 yen including tax. As the young people leave the car, Benz wants to remove the high threshold image and bring in a new customer base by surprising cooperation with the standing noodles shop.


Gap effect?

Mercedes-Benz has opened a standing noodle shop in the showroom.

To be honest

Out of place atmosphere | ω ・)

There is also,

It has a good sense of focus

I feel like I can eat delicious soba in a different sense.

It might be nice to eat soba after buying Benz.



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