Sari Kato [Speed divorce]

It was revealed that talent Kaori Sato (29), who announced a marriage to a man run by a real estate company last September, had divorced on the 10th.

Kato posted a video entitled “The Truth of Separation !!!! Actually …” on her YouTube channel on the 10th. When asked by the staff, “Are you divorced?” Kato asked, “Is there a law I have to say? I didn’t intend to hide it. I was dating various palaces. I thought. ”

Kato wrote in a blog on November 23 last year, “I joined a general man in September. (…) I think there are many harsh words, but I think that happiness can be bought with money. Yes, but it’s a real problem that there are so many things that love alone can’t do. “(Mama), and reported the marriage with pictures of Harry Winston’s engagement ring and diamond wedding ring.

A blessing voice arrived on my blog, but said, “Happiness can be bought with money …. I can’t buy with money. Overcoming various hardships and trying hard to grasp it Critical voices such as “I have to make money! I don’t think it’s worth it.”

Kato said to those voices, “Some people say that they are married to money or that they are the worst. It’s because they’re not wealthy. “If you can’t earn a honest man, I think it’s a waste. A woman hurts her stomach and gives birth to a child. A man only has to pay for money. A man is crazy for his family, “Working” (original mom).

Are you escalating more and more?

Sato Kato divorced at a speed.

Super speed divorce.

It’s completely a flame business law,

Sending such negative energy to the world

It is amazing that my physical condition does not collapse.

If you are an ordinary person, your stomach will hurt with guilt.

But for complete financial purposes

Marry conveniently

Divorce if money is available | ω ・)

Is it legally safe?



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