Ryo is on Twitter [Resumed]‼

Ryo Tamura (48) of the comedy combination “London Boots No. 1 and 2”, which had been suspended from June last year due to the “dark business” problem and resumed performing arts on 10th, on his Twitter on 11th I continued my thoughts on resuming activities. It’s been a renewal since the apology interview last July 20.

Tamura said, “This time, after the resignation from Yoshimoto Kogyo, we decided to resume performing arts activities. We reflected on what we had so far and worked to respond to all those who caused inconvenience I’m sorry. ”

He has been suspended since June 24 last year when he attended a meeting of anti-social forces in a dark business and received a guarantee.


Reflection was transmitted?

Ryo resumes Twitter

It seems that you are gradually resuming activities.

It is Ryo who was very remorseful at the conference,

Probably the new year has been resumed.

But it’s fatal that it’s not very interesting | ω ・)



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