Misono’s YouTube [Shinsuke Shimada]⁉

Singer and talent misono (35) has updated his blog on the 12th, announcing that a video featuring former talent Shinsuke Shimada (63) will be uploaded on his YouTube channel.

The filming of Shinsuke speaking for 40 minutes has been filmed, and if released, it will be the first video appearance after retiring in 2011. When he met in Osaka Prefecture on the 11th, Shinsuke suggested that “Let’s shoot YouTube” and told him to post, “I’ll take full responsibility.”


Are you trying to return somewhere?

Shimada Shinsuke who should have retired in connection with the rebellion,

It’s quite a high appearance rate.

Are you planning to return to the entertainment world somewhere?

However, if Shimada Shinsuke

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What if you started a channel

It’s going to be one channel by itself.

The low threshold is where the net is good.



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