Ten years later [live action]

It was announced that Studio Ghibli made an animated film in 1995, “Earth’s Ear”, which will be made into a live-action movie starring actress, Kiyoshi Vegetables and actor, Tori Matsuzaka. It depicts “that time (past)”, which reproduces the original worldview, and “10 years later (present),” which is added as an original. Kiyono rejoices, “I’m very happy and honored,” and Matsuzaka smiles, saying, “I’m glad to be involved in the story of” afterwards, “drawn through the months.” The release is September 18th.

The original is a youth love manga published by Aoi Hiiragi in 1989 in the girl comic magazine Ribon (Shueisha). The story of a junior high school student, Shizuki Tsukishima, who loves reading and thinking about Seiji Amazawa, who lives toward his dreams, impressed many women. In the animated film version, Yoko Honna is the voice of Shizuku and Kazuo Takahashi is voice of Seiji. The theme song sung by his real name, “Country Road”, is a classic that is still sung.

In the live-action movie version, the drop who wants to be a novelist and Seiji who pursues a dream are attracted, and when they are in the third grade of junior high school, they vow, “I’ll surely fulfill my dream.” Ten years have passed since then, and the 24-year-old Shizuku, who became the editor of a children’s novel at a publisher, gave up his dream of becoming a novelist and was desperate to sell books. In pursuit of his dreams, there is a distance between him and Seiji who lives abroad, but Shizuku tells a story that regains his “feelings of those days”.

Kiyono said, “I am honored to be able to exist in the world of masterpieces that everyone loves. How she became an adult, cherishing her pure heart while adhering to her thoughts I would like to act carefully. ”

Matsuzaka says, “I saw this work many times in an animated movie. I thought it was nice because it was packed with things that could only be felt at that time. Some of you may have imagined the” afterwards “of that story. I was the same, “she said, enjoying the world of” 10 years later. ”

Using megaphones has produced hit films such as the drama “Love the Heart at the Center of the World” (2004), “ROOKIES” (2008), the “JIN-Jin-” series, and the “Stepmom and Daughter’s Blues”. Director Yuichiro Hirakawa. “I’m very nervous and under pressure,” he says. “I want to make it a heart-warming movie with the original atmosphere.”

Producer Asami Nishi said, “When I thought of making a live-action movie, I came up with what I would do if I drew Shizuku and Seiji who grew up 10 years later. So I was convinced that this could be a nice piece of work. ”


After the story?

It seems that 10 years after listening, the live-action will be live.

If the story is retrofit,

You can make it anyway, right?

Isn’t it a work that includes places where you don’t know what happened?

I don’t think I will give up on the violin and play the electric guitar,

What can be changed to any development

It is very disappointing.



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