Takashi [Affair suspicion⁉]

A suspicion has arisen in Takashi Inui, the Japanese national football team belonging to Spain First Section Eibar.

It all started with an Instagram post posted by Yukina Kinoshita, a talent on July 10, 2007. His comment was spelled out there, saying, “I’m sorry … I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve been playing around, I’ve been fighting a lot, and I’m going to sleep, and I’m sleeping.” When the sentence “I’m in love” emerges, it becomes a topic. At the time, his name did not match with Kinoshita’s husband, Toshifumi Fujimoto, and some people were controversial on the Internet.

Meanwhile, around the 13th, attention will be paid to the post that Inui posted on Instagram on August 5, 2018. There is a sentence that says, “Let’s go slow !! What’s going on today? What’s going on? It’s pretty hot, Sevilla. I want to jump into the pool right now. I’m going to a training camp again. I’ll take a good rest and work hard again.” However, when I read it vertically, the sentence “Yuki Nada Daisuki” appeared and became a topic.

“Actually, Inui said that he previously liked Kinoshita in a variety show, and Kinoshita actually commented on Inui’s post. In addition, Inui posted a vertical reading post On the same day, Kinoshita uploaded a photo of the perfume and posted it as “ Sukida Daisuki ”, it seems to have become a hot topic. ” (Entertainment writer)

Kinoshita’s post has always had a lot of bashing on it, but even in the post he said, “I didn’t think I would do that.” “I can’t say it’s a coincidence. I’m sorry.” Critics such as “Too much … wife misery” are gathering and burning.

Despite the possibility of coincidence, soccer fans have been angry, and Inui fans have said, “If not, please deny.” Is there anything that Inui justifies about this post?


Can’t you see it by chance?

Suspicion has surfaced for Takashi Inui.

It’s allegations or conclusive evidence.

Let your fans think they ’re giving their message,

If it is a love mail to an affair partner,

The people who supported us are disappointed.



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