The birth of a boy

It was learned that the first child was born between Shinjiro Koizumi (38) and his wife and free announcer Christel Takigawa (42). Koizumi revealed at the Prime Minister’s Office that morning. The boy was born, and Koizumi said, “I’m glad I was present. Both mother and child are healthy and that’s what it is.”

Koizumi has expressed his intention to take two weeks of childcare leave in the three months following the birth of his first child. However, he will attend parliamentary deliberations and cabinet meetings, and will continue to work as a minister. He plans to use both short working hours and teleworking (working at home) to balance public affairs with childcare.

Was it pretty early?

The first child was born between Shinjiro Koizumi and Christel Takigawa.

Even from the days since the conference

It was quite early to be born | ω ・)

That’s the impression.

If this boy were to be a big politician,

The moment of birth will be used for a long time as a video.



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