Tono [criticized]

Actress, Nagiko Tono (40) will perform live on TOKYO @ MX “Rose ABC Dandy” (Monday-Friday 9.0). He mentioned a talented divorceer, Sato Kato (29), who divorced three months from a general man who married last September. “It’s always interesting that the story isn’t very interesting. Everyone isn’t very interested. Well, I’m not good at talking, anyway. I don’t have much talk power. Amateur work.”

Kato posted a video on his YouTube channel on the 10th and announced that he had divorced with a man. The reason for the divorce was not disclosed because of the financial problem. “I spent more than 100 million yen in the three months before marriage. Then the management over there was leaning. I am not interested in men without money. I thought. ” He had already revealed that he had a new lover.

Critical battle looks interesting?

Nagiko Tono criticized Sato Kato.

Tono himself

Character with quite a habit


If you develop into a fight from here

Looks interesting in variety | ω ・)



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