Kato of speed divorce [pregnancy]‼

On Tuesday, it turned out that talent Kato Sato (29) is pregnant. On October 10, the company just announced that it had divorced a business owner who was seven years older than her in less than three months. Kato said in an interview with Sponichi that “we will grow up as a single mother without remarriage.”

According to Kato, she has entered a stable period and expects to give birth in early summer. She was already pregnant in mid-November, when she was married in the press.

He married on September 25 and explained that the pregnancy was discovered “from late October to around November”. At that time, he said, “The marital relationship was extremely deteriorated due to the excessive restraint of her husband.”

He claims that custody has not been requested by the ex-husband. While proceeding with the divorce talks, he told his ex-husband, “We prepared a document requesting the amount of payment that can be paid as child support and a payment period with the guidance of a lawyer and handed it.” No. ” It is said that discussions will continue in the future.

Kato also argued that the ex-husband died privately from the funds of the company he managed while dating, and that the 5 million yen lent to make up for it was not returned. Some of them will also be required to pay. In the future, there is a possibility that both will develop into financial problems.



Sato Kato is pregnant.

It may not be related to others,

Is such a lack of common sense a mother to be a mother?

Absorb a lot of money

You will be charged for child support,

It is scary to be a human being captured by money.



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