72 million pounds a year⁉

Prince Henry, 35, and Princess Meghan, 38, of the British royal family, were shocked on January 8 when they announced “royal retirement” on Instagram. How did local media report their retirement declaration?

The Daily News blamed the couple for being “very self-centered,” and their competitor Daily Mail said, “Two-thirds of British citizens have been obtained from the Duke of Cornwall. I think we should stop the income we have. ”

The problem of this uproar is not only the content of the declaration, but also the rough method of revealing the public through their own SNS without consulting the family.

“Princess Henry and Princess Meghan have been in informal talks with Queen Elizabeth since late last year about” royal retirement. ” The Queen said she knew it on TV, and was told that she was furious at the turbulence of water in her sleep. “(International journalist)

What is the purpose of Princess Meghan’s retirement announcement?

“There is a view that the royal family has become unable to withstand the attention and expectations of the royal family and the severe glance of the media, but it will be” pre-building. ”

Meghan’s “honest” seems to be elsewhere. Princess Meghan is concerned about British media measures. In the past, the Royal Family had an agreement in which seven newspapers, mainly popular newspapers, could exclusively cover public affairs. However, Princess Meghan was being attacked by this “media” and the relationship was broken.

By leaving the royal family, they seem to want to disseminate information on their own, which until now could not be disliked by “the media”. They want to make the most of the British royal family brand and engage in activities like “SNS celebrities” that use SNS to make money. ”(International journalist)

“Retirement expression” that led to various thoughts. The royalties that the Queen distributes to the royal family members will not be able to earn £ 100,000, called “soveringland.” But that’s just 5% of what they’ve been given. So what about the “financing” (or business) that the couple is aiming for? According to Masato Kimura, a journalist living in London, UK.

“Estimated revenue is estimated to be £ 72 million a year. Prince Henry registered a trademark for Sussex Royal in December last year. With revenues of over 100 registrations, including classes, you can expect £ 10 million per year.

In addition, if you talk about 20 times a year, the fee is £ 5 million. £ 5 million in advertising revenue from Instagram with over 10 million followers. Once a month, they cost $ 2 million on TV, assuming they are on TV. In addition, it is said that if you work as an ambassador for a global company, you can earn £ 50 million.

In other words, letting go of about £ 100,000 in public expenditures is an order of magnitude more revenue. ”


An order of magnitude more income?

Prince Henry and Princess Meghan retire from royalty

I can earn a lot.

That’s the strength of a free agent.

However, it seems difficult to live by buying the criticism of many people in the UK.

Although it is a good way to do it,

It’s a matter of feeling | ω ・)



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