Louis Vuitton Ambassador [Suzu Hirose]

Actress Suzu Hirose, 21, has become the new ambassador for French luxury brand Louis Vuitton on Tuesday. Currently, American actress Emma Stone (31) and French actress Rea Sedu (34) are on par with the world’s top.

In 2015, he walked on the red carpet of the Cannes International Film Festival in the movie “Sea Street Diary” in 2015, attracting local people. The heroine of the NHK serial TV novel “Natsuzora” was completed in September last year. The infinite possibilities and the ever-evolving figure resonate with the spirit inherited by Louis Vuitton. ”

Suzu, who became the “face” of a global brand, said, “Louis Vuitton was an admired brand that I had always wanted to wear, so I am very happy to be an ambassador.” Inspiring.

It is expected to appear in advertising stills and new events in the future. I want to go. ” The star actress who has obtained a new title will further shine.


Japanese face?

Suzu Hirose has become Louis Vuitton Ambassador.

I don’t know what an actress is like,

Now active in many commercials

Isn’t it the freshest star in Japan?

You climbed far from the general public.



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