Drug allegation [denial]

Former Morning Musume. Naomi Nago, NAOMI, a talented artist and a representative of the entertainment agency Alkansell, where Kago had previously signed a management tie-up, denied Kago’s alleged drug use.

Speculation about the “X” has been spurred on the Internet since some media reported that “ex-member X of a national female idol group” was about to be arrested for drugs.

It seems that the two people denied these things, and Kago tweeted on Twitter on the 18th that “I am surprised that an article with contents suggesting me has appeared,” “Souyu thing” I have nothing to do with it, so I decided to keep it through, but leave my word for the family in the internet. That’s not me, everyone. I have nothing to do with drugs. ” .

On the other hand, Mr. Nakano said on a blog on the 21st that “I have not worked together with Ago Kago since summer, but Ago Kago has nothing to do with illegal drugs.” And post a two-shot photo. “Humbly, please refrain from reporting anything like speculation or clunks.”

On August 24, last year, Kago terminated the management partnership agreement with Alkansell. Nakano wrote in a blog, “We have been discussing the point that we could not agree on the management tie-up agreement. As a result, we have reported that the management tie-up agreement was” cancelled “yesterday, 24th “On this month, Kago Musume came to the New Year’s greeting with” New Year’s greetings, “” It was a fun time to talk slowly after a long absence. ” He revealed a two-shot photo of his friendship with Kago.


Is denial important?

Kago denied drug allegations.

If you do not do it, it will be hurt if written by speculation.

After all if unrelated

It is natural to deny immediately,

The affair with Yukina Kinoshita’s dryness of Danmari

Maybe as the world imagined

I guess it was | ω ·)

I think.



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