Masahiro Higashide [Detection of adultery]‼

Actor Masahiro Higashide (31) will be on the 22nd “Nippon Television” “Clear” (Monday-Friday, 8am before) on “Weekly Bunshun Digital” on the 22nd with wife and actress Apricot (33). Featured the news of their separation.

“Weekly Bunshun Digital” reports that Higashide has left a single house in Tokyo since early January and lives in a single apartment. According to a comment given by Higashide’s office to the media companies, “I checked with him about this article and found that what was written was almost true.” “I think these things are the consequences of the stupidity, immaturity and lack of responsibility of Higashide. There is no excuse for any accusations,” he added.

In addition, his office commented, “Currently, he feels heavily responsible for the occurrence of such a situation and the size of what he has lost, and is earnestly suffering from regret.” “However, restoring lost trust takes time and effort.”

“I heard that this separation is not a divorce, but a cooling period to manage the steps of restoration.” “I think it’s a tough road, but I think Higashide will have to show his proof, including his own way of life and attitude, to regenerate his family as a husband and father again. We will watch closely, and we ask for your understanding. ”

Also, the office of actress Erika Karata (22), who was reported as an affair partner, announced a comment by fax at midnight on the 22nd.

“In response to this news report, he himself deeply reflects on his careless actions,” he said. “I want to take my weakness, stupidity and sweetness deeply and face it,” he said.

Were you tall?

Affair coverage appeared on Masahiro Higashide.

Because he was an actor with a relatively clean image

That’s a shameful report.

My wife is an actress

This is also a popular actress.

Is it an ideal happy family?

I thought without permission,

Sounds really different.



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