Mino Monta Secret Kenmin SHOW [Retreat]‼

It was learned on the 23rd that talent Minota (75) will “retreat” Nippon Television’s “secret Kenmin SHOW” (Thursday, 9:00 later Thursday), which served as MC for 12 and a half years, at the end of March. The production Yomiuri Television announced that it was “given the way to backwards and to be retired.” For Mino, the only regular disappears. Yuji Tanaka (55), who had a laughter issue, was appointed as the new MC. Change the title to “Kenmin SHOW @ Koku no Secret” (read: Kiwami) and renew.

According to a person concerned with Mino, there is no problem with health at all and refusal to retire. He says he is motivated to continue working.


Almost retired?

Minomonta seems to repel the secret Kenmin SHOW.

Whether it ’s retirement, graduation, or fire

I think it’s a way of capturing each,

There is a feeling that the history of the entertainment world moves.

Something like a morning show

Alleged sexual harassment | ω ・)

There is

Did not many people hate Minomonta?



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