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A South African man has spent more than two months in a “barrel” at a height of 25 meters above the ground, setting a new Guinness World Records in 1997.

Vernon Kruger, 52, who usually works as a driver, has reached his 67th day in 20 days since he began living in the country overlooking the country’s town of Dullstroom.

“It’s not easy to sleep in a barrel,” Kruger explained. “You have to be very small enough to roll up and lie down like a fetus,” he said.

Kruger’s Empty House is equipped with a sewage system for “all emissions”, washing his body twice a week with a small trough and allowing his team on the ground to basket. I am living with the food that I put in.

The idea first came to light when Kruger was climbing a palm tree on an island during his vacation. “Someone asked me if I could sit in a tree and break the record. It was a joke at first, but later my friends pushed me to try it.”

But after a little research, Kruger learned that a man from Indonesia had spent 28 days on a tree and had already broken records.

Abandoning this idea, he suggested that one of his friends “sit on a pillar”.

According to Kruger, the record was 54 days. Kruger decided to tackle the difficult record and sat on the pillar for 64 days.

More than two decades later, Kruger has once again set a new record without any cramps or back pain.



Living on a pillar

I can’t imagine it for ordinary people.

I think that the sense is slightly different from ordinary people,

That sounds like a talent.

Absolutely impossible for ordinary people | ω ・)



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