Erika Karata [drama drop]‼

Actress Erika Karata (22) announced on the official website of her affairs office on Thursday that her self-restraint in a TBS-series drama “Don’t sing Buddha in the sickroom” (Friday 10:00 pm) was on the official website of the affiliated office. He is regularly appearing as a ward clerk, Miyuki Koyamauchi, who often has a chance to come into contact with the hero who plays Hideaki Ito. The name disappeared from the end roll and the official website after the broadcast. From that day, Karata’s official Instagram was no longer available.

The TBS Public Relations Department replied, “I received an offer from my office to refrain from performing and accepted it.” Until the 23rd of the previous day, there was no change in broadcasting so far, but on that day, it was decided to refrain from performing.

On the website of his office, “I received a report that caused this commotion, I reflected on it, and after examining it, I came to myself to refrain from performing. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience to the people concerned. I’m sorry. ”

Reflect public opinion?

Erika Karata has been driven down.

Most people know the name in this case,

The past image of Masahiro Higashiide was too good.

The entertainment world tends to reflect such public opinion,

It is strange that grievances in politics are not reflected.

Karata was too big of an affair partner.

The other party was bad | ω ・)

Aren’t they victims?



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