Kobe Bryant [died]‼

Former U.S. professional basketball (NBA) star Kobe Bryant has died on Friday in a helicopter crash. The helicopter on board crashed on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The U.S. media has reported that he has died with his second daughter.

Not only in the basketball world, but also in the sports world as a whole, the news of the world-famous Bryant’s death. The sorrow spreads all over the world, and the MLB players are also sad.

Bryant has been playing at the Los Angeles-based Lakers for 20 years. In Los Angeles, Angels’ Mike Trout outfielder told his Twitter, “I’m sorry to the family who was sharing the Bryant family on this sad day. The impact of Kobe on the world cannot be described in words. I pray for the legend and my friend’s happiness … “.


Helicopter unstable?

Kobe Bryant has died.

I was surprised by the sudden news.

Kobe is a former NBA star

How long will you be active?

You’ve been active for so long.

It was a legend in the Star Corps.

Like a traffic accident

I’m surprised that healthy people suddenly die.

I think helicopters have advanced considerably in terms of technology,

Is it an unstable means after all?

There is almost no ordinary people riding,

I’m a little scared.



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