[Apology video] on YouTube

On December 27, it turned out that Hiroyuki Miyasako (49), who was performing a dark business with a special fraud group and was suspending performing arts activities, was planning to distribute an apology video on YouTube. In the future, we are considering the activity as a YouTuber and will release it in the near future. This is likely to be a form of turmoil.

Miyasako’s “meat voice message” since his interview with Ryo Tamura (48) of London Boots No. 1 and 2 who condemned the alleged power harassment of Yoshimoto Kogyo last July was not an interview in front of the press, nor a TV, It comes from YouTube you have chosen as a new world. In the future, he is determined to return to TV because it is difficult to do so first as a YouTuber (acquaintance), and is expected to resume performing arts activities.

According to a number of stakeholders, preparations are underway with the help of a famous YouTuber, and the video has already been shot in the middle of this month. “I’ve been involved in many junior entertainers, including Ryo, who lied to herself. She regretted that the public was disturbed by the dark business problem and seemed to be determined to express her apology. “(Acquaintance). It is scheduled to be distributed as early as 30 days.

On the 30th, Ryo Rombo will have a talk live with his partner, Jun Tamura (46), and then hold a conference. The live venue was where we and Miyasako met in July. At that time, Miyasako himself also conveys a message. As for the content, he says, “I have heard that I have sincerely expressed my thoughts and there have been scenes where tears have been dropped.”


Isn’t it a return announcement?

Miyasako seems to upload an apology video.

I don’t know the details,

Apology video

TV return.

Criticism will continue once if it is the return announcement content like that.

In a conference with Ryo and herself,

Criticism of Yoshimoto Kogyo while saying apology

Because it was

this time too

Apologize and return to smell

Isn’t it content?

Just for activities on YouTube

People who don’t want to see

So why not do it more and more?



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