Free shipping on Rakuten

Rakuten’s chairman and president Hiroshi Mikitani said at a meeting for shoppers at Rakuten Ichiba, a mail-order website held on the 29th in Tokyo, about the policy of making the shipping fee free of charge for shoppers if they purchase more than 3,980 yen. I would like to introduce it on a day and make it a success with you. ”

“I am convinced that your gross merchandise value will increase by more than 10%,” he said, saying “This is one watershed. We hope you will take a positive look at it.”

There have been strong oppositions over free shipping, including some stores seeking investigations from the Fair Trade Commission for violating the Antitrust Law. According to a survey by Mikitani, 70% of customers have given up shopping at Rakuten Ichiba due to shipping costs. “Some stores are making noise from reality, but after all, There is no point in not buying it. ”

Rakuten announced last August that if you purchase a product over 3980 yen at one store, the shipping fee will be flat. In December of the same year, it was decided to implement it on March 18 this year. Competing Amazon Japan is increasing its sales by purchasing more than 2,000 yen and free shipping for “Prime members” with a membership fee, and aims to counter this.

On the other hand, the optional union “Rakuten Union” to which the store joins submits a signature to the FTC on January 22, and it is prohibited by the antitrust law to introduce a free shipping system without the full agreement of the store. “It’s an abuse of dominance.” In response to this, the FTC has begun to ask the store owners about the situation.

Mr. Mikitani updated Twitter on Tuesday and sharply criticized the rebounding store owners, saying, “The way of leaking public service and the media and putting in control is too anachronistic.”

Don’t bend your opinion?

Rakuten’s free shipping is on schedule.

When the seller pays the shipping cost

I can’t do it | ω ・)

Was interviewed by the seller,

The policy is unlikely to change.

I think that there are many sellers whose commercial activities will be severe,

Changes to terms and rules

Even if he was unilateral

It seems you have to follow it.

If you actually look at Rakuten Ichiba,

Some bad guys are trying to get huge shipping costs,

It’s a great story for the buyer.

If it ’s optimistic and it ’s hard to sell

Wouldn’t it be nice if the service that became a catch-up was excited?



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