Piyochan [emergency reprint]‼

The four-pane comic series “Hey, Piyo-chan”, serialized in 10 newspapers nationwide, including the Kobe Shimbun, is attracting attention on the Internet. Even though I love the main character, Puyo-chan, I’m not going to be honest. # Some hot fans who spread with the hashtag of Hey Puyo-chan and who are now in their third grade of elementary school approaching adults. At bookstores in Japan and at stores nationwide, books were in short supply and urgent reprints were issued.

“Hey, Puyo-chan” is a group of friends who live together with their parents and their second-year older brother, Puyo-chan (Hirano Hiyoko Honoko), and her cat, Matakichi (Matakichi), who has been with her since she was born. A family comedy depicting everyday life. It is serialized in 10 newspapers nationwide (Hokkaido, Kahoku Shimpo, Niigata Nippo, Tokyo, Chunichi, China, Tokushima, Ehime, West Japan, Kobe). There are many posts.


Is your mind purified?

Hey, Puyo seems to be an emergency reprint.

I have n’t seen it yet,

If the work fits the needs of the world

This is what happens.

If the reprint is decided, the shortage condition will be resolved,


Be careful not to buy at a high price.



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