Pierre Taki [actor return]

Pierre Taki (52), a techno band “Denki Groove” who was convicted of contravening the Drug Control Law in June last year for taking cocaine and resuming his actor role later this month, Do you get it. Naoto Takenaka (63), Takayuki Yamada (36), and Takumi Saito (38) participate in the shooting of the movie “Zocchi” (released next year). He returned to the entertainment world for the first time in 11 months after his arrest last March.

The original work is based on an early short-edition “Zocchi A” and “Zocchi B” by cartoonist Hiroyuki Ohashi. A short script that depicts surreal everyday life in a surreal manner. The entire film is scheduled to be filmed in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, where Mr. Ohashi is from, and will be cranking in later this week.

Pierre plays the man of a fisherman. In the original, only the name appears in a scene where another fisherman mentions “Sadao will come to Shaba”. Pierre’s appearance will be filmed later this month, which will be her return.

Pierre was convicted in June of last year and three years in prison last year. In the first trial, he explained the reason for using the drug as “to relieve stress.” He was blamed for his mental hunger because he was busy working in the actor business. An official said, “There are still a lot of people in the movie who are waiting for the return of the actor, and I have heard that this time they were asked to be around and decided to appear.”

One of the people who helped return was Yamada, a director and producer. Co-starred with Pierre in the 13-year starring movie “Vicious” The performance of Pierre, who played the death row, was one of the works that was highly evaluated and established himself as an actor. He has also appeared in a netflix drama “Naked Director” released last year starring Yamada, and has gained great trust as an actor.

Takenaka and Saito have also co-starred in movies such as the movie “Mahjong Wandering 2020” (released in April last year), which was threatened at once by Pierre’s arrest. A film official said, “The three directors are also looking forward to Pierre’s performance. He failed with the drug, but he himself is remorseful. He hopes to resume work in a good way.” ing.


Isn’t it early?

Pierre Taki seems to be returning to the entertainment world as soon as an actor.

It’s a little too early, and criticism has been heard one after another.

Probably an assault that ignores public opinion and evaluation.

There is also a problem in the industry where it is easy to return.

The man who makes it

World view of the work

If you say that, you can offer it,

It will be easy to return if friends get together.



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