Nyanko Star [break up]‼

Mayor of Angola (25 years old) doing “rhythm jumping rope” in line with Ai Otsuka’s “Cherry” and Super 3 assistant (36 years old) doing high-tension tsukkomi. The comedy combination Nyanko Star, who won second place in 2017’s “King of Contest 2017”, was noticed not only for the achievement in the five months since that time, but also for the fact that the two are dating couples. The exquisiteness of breathing and time, which is also the key to rhythm art, seemed to be due to a couple, but these two people broke down.

“It seems that Super 3 assistant has left the apartment where he lived together. Since last year we have been thinking about eliminating cohabitation, it is a form that has been realized.”

バ ラ In the variety programs that appeared, there were prominent cases in which each confessed the troubles unique to this combination, “lover = a partner.” In October last year, AbemaTV’s Ogiyahagi no Busu Television confessed that the mayor of Angola said, “I’ve been talking about each other’s dissatisfaction in a program recently.” “After a while, I’ll fight a lot.” On the other hand, Super 3 assistant confided the dissatisfaction with the mayor of Angola, saying, “I will not wash the dishes at all. I have to wash it at the end.” At last, they ended their relationship as a lover.

They started dating when the combination was formed in October 2017, and started living together one year later. Originally, they were quietly trying to nurture love. However, in the wake of King of Conte’s limelight, the relationship between the two changed as they became timely people.

“It was originally a dating that began with the approach of the village mayor of Angola. I did not plan to announce the dating, but the dating was written in a sports newspaper, and the relationship between them became jerky. It may be difficult to balance laughter and personality by being known. ”

関係 An official close to the mayor of Angola acknowledged that the catastrophe is certain, but what will happen to the combination? Angola said in the aforementioned “ Bus ” TV, “ Even if I break up, I’m talking about trying to do my best, ” indicating that the discussion was in anticipation of catastrophe. . To the mayor of Angola, who proposed a cohabitation elimination in another program, MC’s Ogiyahagi and Yahagi Kan (48 years old) asserted that “having cohabitation is a matter of time until they break up.”


After all catastrophic?

Nyanko Star is broken.

After all, it broke up | ω ・)

Isn’t there a lot of people who think that?

I think that it is interesting that couples combine,

The likelihood of quarreling and getting sick is higher,

Because the direct job is hard hit,

Sounds high risk.

I think it’s our freedom to stick and break,

Even if you come crazy in bad terms

The viewer will be boring.

Is it originally interesting? It is also a story.



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