Anju Suzuki [Discovered adultery]

On the evening of the 5th, actress Anju Suzuki (50) entered Twitter trend. The affair report with former Takarazuka Revue opera group top star and actress Kei Kijo (45) and actor Midori Kitamura (51) had a huge impact on the world.

According to “Weekly Bunshun Digital” on the 5th, the encounter between Anju Suzuki and Midori Kitamura was triggered by co-starring in the stage play “Dogonbori Monogatari” by Naomi Fujiyama last October-November. The article features photos of the two walking hand in hand, as well as coverage of the close relationship.

Information program “ZIP!” Which served as the main personality on Friday from the start of the program Anzu Suzuki graduated in March 2019. Her husband died suddenly in the United States in February 2013, but was notified of the sudden change from the locality before heading to a TV station to appear on the program. Nevertheless, in the live broadcast, he behaved relentlessly as usual, and at the end of the program, he called out from the screen with the same smile as usual, saying, “I wish everyone a better day.”

She was widely supported by generations, regardless of gender, and said “ZIP! ], “Kyouju’s charm is human power beyond sex” “Kyouju Suzuki graduates from ZIP too lonely …” “Kyouju has many long-lived fans” “Be sure to watch only on Friday” I’m really sorry for Anju-san’s drop-off. ” Since then, Suzuki has been focusing on the actress business by regularly appearing on NHK’s serial TV novel “Natsuzora”, and on the stage of “Kidage Dotonbori Monogatari”, volunteered himself and challenged the role of Kansai dialect. On the stage of the role of “doctor” as his deceased husband, he expressed his desire to “play while feeling very important about” I want to fix the disease “”. On this stage, he played with Midoru Kitamura, who was reported to be this affair partner.

Many voices have been shocked by Suzuki Anju’s affair report. “Are you also an Anju Suzuki …” “I’m more shocked than Mr. Higashide’s affair” “I liked Anju Suzuki, it’s 50. Even though she seems to have no affair” “I’m sorry.” “Since my husband has been dead for seven years, I thought I should remarry a new partner soon, but this is no good.”

Image reversal?

An adultery has been discovered in Anju Suzuki.

You seemed to have missed the radio and escaped.

Just because his original image was perfect

This shock is terrible.

Is the feeling of disappointment several times?



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