Vietnam 【Pre-marriage trip】⁉

Sakurai is dating her Keio classmate with her. This year, which was the last year of hiatus, we were able to finish the race safely while we heard the friction between members.

‘At 6 pm in early October 19, I found Sho Sakurai returning straight after finishing work. A child may have been waiting at home

The premarital trip of the “members who should not be taken the most” was scooped.

On January 16th, “Weekly Bunshun” was reported on a “Vietnam trip” with Sho Sakurai (37) of “Arashi” and A-ko, a former Miss Keio woman. The two people taking a nap by the pool at a five-star hotel and sometimes cycling around the city were like a couple who had been with them for many years. The magazine, released on January 23, also reports that they have traveled to Vietnam and then traveled to Hawaii to enjoy sightseeing.

“Ako is a classmate of Sakurai from the Keio era, and was born in the Faculty of Literature. He worked on a variety show on a TV station in Osaka until last autumn. There have been rumors about dating with Sakurai. They seem to live together now. “(Ako’s friend)

In fact, when Ako won Miss Keio in ’02, we had an exclusive interview with her. At the time, Ako replied, “I have a boyfriend,” but maybe she was with Sakurai.

Sakurai, on the other hand, was known as a member of “Arashi” who values ​​fans. The reason she broke down with her former partner, Ayaka Ogawa (34), is also because she was so reluctant to marry that she thought too much about her fans. A professional entertainment executive who knows him speaks.

“When Kazuya Ninomiya talked to the members about the marriage announcement, Sakurai was in great opposition with Jun Matsumoto. I didn’t forget to show off my fan first, and I knew that Sakurai was dating her classmate on the premise of marriage, and the fans were puzzled. ”

Sakurai, who would have valued his fans more than anybody, enjoys dating with a woman dignifiedly-does that mean Sakurai’s willingness to marry?

“In both Vietnam and Hawaii, there were several Japanese guests at the hotel where they stayed, but Sakurai seemed to be relaxing without disguise. The reason was that Sakurai had a consciousness that “you may know Ako-san.”

Is it impossible to hide?

Sho Sakurai seems to be traveling with her before her marriage.

From the popularity of Arashi and the current information society

It is impossible to escape from paparazzi

That’s right.

How to get along with Sho Sakurai

Be prepared

You will know that.

Miss Keio doesn’t mean that much,

To get along with my college classmates

I feel like Sakurai Sho.



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