Takeshi Kitano [Remarriage]‼

The comedian Beat Takeshi (73), who has revealed his remarriage, reported on TBS’s “New Information 7days @ Newscaster” (Saturday, 10:00 a.m.) on Thursday.

Takeshi talks with the announcer Shinichiro Azumi (46) of the station at the beginning of the program. “I was silent, but I was angry at my brother and sister to say,” Take it right. “You don’t like that. That’s a great person. “I was so angry that there was no one to give me.” He admitted to marriage and said, “I want to be so happy.

In addition, when asked about the reception from Anna Azuma, he said, “I think I’ll do it, but at that time everyone’s schedule was so difficult that I hid it. I would like to do it in Yoronotaki (Izakaya).”

Regarding remarriage, his office “TN Gong” announced a statement on the same day that “it is true that we got married.” The other partner is a business partner woman who was 18 years younger and established the office in April 2018 and became a director, managing Takeshi. Takeshi retired from Office Kitano in March 2006, is the president of TN Gon, and lives with women. Officials of the office have stated that they filed their marriage registrations, etc., “It is private and will not disclose them.”


Beat Takeshi has remarried.

Your partner is quite younger.

If there is a considerable age difference in the marriage of entertainers

Isn’t it for property?

It will always be the story,

As expected, when it comes to the Big 3 class

I feel like I’m transcending the flames.

I do n’t feel like anything

Isn’t it blessed with nature?



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