Cheap airline tickets [crash]⁉

Amid concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, some low-cost airline (LCC) tickets have fallen to several hundred yen in South Korea, close to China. Is awake. The Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo (Japanese-language electronic version) posted an article titled “Air tickets to Jeju at 3,000 won, taraba crabs at 50,000 won.

The newspaper featured “T-way Airlines.” According to the article, “As of Thursday morning, T-Way’s website has introduced tickets to Jeju with tickets with airfare less than 10,000 won, such as 3,500 won (about 320 yen), 5900 won, and 7900 won. The situation is similar for other low-cost airlines such as Jin Air and Jeju Airlines, “he said.” The airline price has become lower than the taxi fare. ”

If you check the one-way air fare for one person from Seoul Gimpo Airport to Jeju on T-Way’s website on the evening of October 10, you will see incredible amounts such as 320 yen and 770 yen in Japanese yen on weekdays. I was Chinese tourists who visited Jeju Island were reported to have been diagnosed with pneumonia after returning to Japan, and tourism demand on the island fell, causing airline ticket prices to plummet.

South Korea’s LCC was faced with the deterioration of Japan-South Korea relations last year, and was forced into a difficult business situation by successively suspending the Japan route, which had been a source of revenue. However, the spread of the new coronavirus has She was dressed up for a blow.


It seems that some cheap flights have fallen to several hundred yen.

It is completely the effect of the new coronavirus.

Now, the only people approaching are medical professionals.

In Japan, movements to regulate the entry of stakeholders have begun,

I’m getting scared

I feel like that.

From now on, even in Japan

Do you feel attentive in shopping malls?




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