TV Asahi [forgery discovery]‼

“Can I make it for 100,000 yen?” (TV Asahi), which is broadcast almost every other week on the Golden Zone on Monday, is a popular variety that regularly uses Kis-My-Ft2 (Kismai) and a sandwich man. Kismai and the guests made trial and error with the funding of 100,000 yen, and the sandwich man in the studio excites the situation … but Yarase was found to shake the basis of such a program.

Yarase came to light on the challenge of buying a lottery, one of the popular programs. They buy numbers, scratches, and more to see how much they win, but in fact, they spent several times more than 100,000 yen.

“Our staff, under the direction of the Chief Director, purchased and scratched in advance to prepare a winning lottery.”

Testimonials were made by program officials who participated in the “Scratch Lottery Cutting Trip” broadcast on July 15, last year. At this time, the guest team of Noriyuki Higashiyama and the regular Kisumai team bought lots of 50,000 yen each and compared the winning amount.

The reason why this person was instructed to scratch was that

“As you continue to grind, you’ll naturally see the hit. In other words, before you grind everything, you’ll find the” rule “of where and what pattern will hit.”

After that, it processed only the parts related to the law, leaving lots of obvious lots to be cut and “stocked” for shooting. It was said that several times the original funding of 100,000 yen was invested in such preparation work.

But for the cast,

“We were replacing the lottery we just bought with the” stock “that had a good hit, saying” I cut it off halfway to save time. ”

So, it seems that Kismai and Sando were not informed of such a mechanism.

TV Asahi Public Relations Department responded to the interview of Weekly Shincho,

“ With regard to the ‘Scratch Lottery’ project, I inferred that there were certain rules per hit because there were about 9 marks to cut, and I purchased a lottery of more than 100,000 yen as a simulation, You can’t use the scraped lottery for program recording. ”

Denies Yarase. However, in light of the original purpose of the project, there is no need to do “simulation to find the rules”, which is a painful statement.

Is it natural?

Yarase seems to have been discovered on a TV Asahi program.

Whether to buy scratches or lotteries and win big?

It is the content of the purpose,

These are

Probability goes up if we buy quantity

That’s why

If you buy a large amount in advance, you will hit it.

It is quite a trick to deceive even the performers.

This kind of yarase act

Watching tv

Let’s try it | ω ・)

Because they let people spend the money

That’s a very malicious act.

Ended because it completely exceeded the production area



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