Arrested for [possessing stimulants]

In a case where singer Noriyuki Makihara (50) was arrested for having a stimulant, etc., he discovered that a stimulant had been found in the bedroom of his home where he lived.

Mr. Makihara is suspected of having a stimulant in his home apartment in April. Subsequent interviews with the investigators revealed that Makihara lived with the former president of the private office at the time, and a stimulant had been found in the bedroom of the room. This former president was arrested and prosecuted in 2018 for suspicion of using stimulants, etc., and described the stimulant found at the time of the home search as “Mackey’s thing”. The Metropolitan Police Agency is investigating that it is highly likely that Makihara has used stimulants since 1999, when he was arrested for violating the Stimulant Drugs Control Law.


Takayuki Makihara has been arrested.

A famous artist has been arrested and surprised

On the other hand

Many people think it’s true.

He is an artist who writes many songs and has many hit songs,

Definitely a success

That’s why

Sometimes show on TV

The appearance of a poor man

It may be due to the effects of drugs.

It just means that your body will depend on you.




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