[Dangerous drug] seized

The singer Noriyuki Makihara (Noriyuki Noriyuki) was arrested by the National Police Agency about two years ago for possessing stimulants at his home about two years ago. Interviews with investigators said on Wednesday that a suspected drug “rush” had been seized.

According to the investigators, the liquid was discovered at his home in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and the Metropolitan Police Department organized crime countermeasures section 5 also heard the situation from an acquaintance living together. He is conducting urinalysis of Makihara and is also investigating whether he currently uses the drug.

Makihara was arrested on March 13 in March and April 2018 for possession of 0.083 grams of a stimulant and 64.2 milliliters of rush in his room in his apartment in Minato Ward. The investigation has largely confirmed the charges.


Did you use it after all?

A dangerous drug was seized from Takayuki Makihara’s home.

The arrest was alleged two years ago

Perhaps you’re not doing it now?

There were some voices,

The arresting side cannot go for one or eight.

If you think about what you’ve done after you’ve paid your sins

High probability of recidivism

That’s terrible just by thinking.

Celebrity failures should be used as lessons.



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