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The Tokyo Marathon will be held on March 1 in Tokyo. Following the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the sponsoring foundation has announced on Tuesday that it will withdraw from general participation and conduct it only for elite players. Approximately 38,000 people were scheduled to participate, but are expected to shrink to 200 people. There will be no refund of the entry fee due to cancellation, and you will be given the right to run next year, but you will need to pay the entry fee again. The full marathon entry fee is 16,200 yen for domestic runners and 18,200 yen for overseas runners.一般 General runners who have been through high-power lottery and have been training for the actual performance have shown complexities and thoughts while understanding the decision of the Foundation.


Next year?

General participants can no longer participate in the Tokyo Marathon.

Because of the new coronavirus.

There is a place where it can be divided without help,

It looks like this year’s entry fee will not be refunded.

It looks like they will get priority next year

It’s a weird story that you will need to pay next year.

When is Tokyo trying to make money?



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