Shopping bag [charged]

FamilyMart will charge for shopping bags from July. It is the first time that three major convenience stores have announced a policy of paying, and it was announced on the 19th. The price will be decided in the future.

As retail stores are required to charge plastic shopping bags from July, Famima will switch plastic shopping bags to ones containing 30% biomass material. The exception is that if 25% or more of the biomass material is blended, it can be free of charge, but Famima has decided to charge more for reducing plastics.

In the convenience store industry, many were cautious about paying for bags as part of the service.

Changing times?

It seems that Famima shopping bags will be charged.

In the last few years, a revolution has begun in which plastic straws in coffee shops are being abolished,

Changes that take environmental issues into account

Like a global epidemic

It may have affected the shopping bag.

I think this is a great solution considering environmental issues,

Some people find it inconvenient to carry a bag.

Do you feel that the number of clerks will be reduced by this trend and you will enter the age of unmanned convenience stores?



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