[Johnny’s Office] To leave‼

In a interview with Weekly Bunshun, it was learned that the talent Tanaka Masahiro (47) had left his Johnny’s office, which he had been affiliated with for over 30 years, in March and decided to become independent. An official in the office told Coverage for Weekly Bunshun. It is expected to be officially announced on February 21.

SMAP to which Nakai belonged was dissolved at the end of December 2016. Nakai and Takuya Kimura (47) remained at the Johnny’s office, but Goro Inagaki (46), Tsuyoshi Kusagi (45), and Shingo Katori (43) were represented by former SMAP manager Michi Iijima. Transferred to “CULEN”.

According to the source mentioned above, Nakai has already expressed his intention to not renew the contract by June of last year, and Johnnys has agreed. President Julie Keiko Fujishima respected Nakai’s idea, but the announcement was postponed because Jannie Kitagawa, who died in July last year, was lying on the bed.

“To avoid confusion in the contract, Nakai did not appear in the CM, and he declined the job of the TBS Olympic caster who hosted the 7th consecutive tournament. The driver and manager of Nakai were also seconded from the office. And will continue to maintain good relations with Johnny’s in the future. “

Regular programs that are currently appearing, such as “Masahiro Nakai’s news gathering” that started last year (TV Asahi series) and “To Masami Nakai’s Friday smiles” that continued from 2001 (TBS series), will continue from April onwards. It has been decided, and there are plans to appear in other programs related to the Tokyo Olympics.


Were you timing?

Masahiro Nakai is leaving Johnny’s office.

After the dissolution of SMAP, he continued to work at the Johnny’s office as a residual group,

Is it finally time?

Whether to join the former SMAP three people

I’m worried in the future | ω ・)



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