The Emperor [60 years old]

“My path as a symbol has just begun.”

A press conference for the Emperor’s 60th birthday at the Akasaka Imperial Palace on the 21st. His Majesty, dressed in a suit in a light blue tie, occasionally looked down at the manuscript at hand and expressed his current thoughts with a serious expression, “ I want to adhere to the Constitution and fulfill my duty as a symbol sincerely ”. Was.

At the first conference after the throne, about 50 reporters, almost twice as usual, including foreign media, participated. The venue was not the traditional “Hinoki no Ma”, but the more prestigious “Sun Moon” was selected.

When asked what was particularly impressive in the last 60 years, he listed the memories of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, studying in the UK, marriage and the birth of his eldest daughter Aiko. The last time he saw the Tokyo Olympics directly with the Emperor and his wife, he said, “This is the source of my longing for world peace.” Disasters such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake were also regarded as “unforgettable memories.”

When asked about the oldest throne in modern times, she answered with a smile, “I am not thinking of my 60th birthday, but still my 60th birthday.” “I hope that the next generation of children will grow up healthy,” he said, pointing to the growing problem of child abuse and poverty in recent years.

He mentioned the spread of the new coronavirus infection and visited patients and families, and said, “I hope that the infection spreads as soon as possible.” Regarding this year’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, serving as Honorary Governor, he expressed his wish, “I would like young people to deepen their understanding of the world and feel the respect of peace through the Games.”

Are you busy since 60?

The Emperor has reached his 60th birthday.

Since the year changed from Heisei to Reiwa last year,

The schedule has also increased considerably.

In general society, when you reach the age of 60, you do less and less.

On the contrary, attention attracts

That’s really hard.

The Emperor does not have any pros and cons

Because it is a symbol of absolute goodness,

I hope you do your best in the future.



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