Program [end without broadcasting]


How long will the affair of actor Masahiro Higashide (32) continue?

The public holds “Kage and Kenji” (TV Asahi), starring Higashide as the “last drama”, or keeps a high audience rating. Seems to be noticed in a way. Meanwhile, it is said that there is a phantom program that disappeared without appearing in the world.

“Higashide was decided to appear and broadcast on ‘Oshare Ism’ (Nippon Television) before the affair report came out. After that, the affair report caused a big fuss, so it was quietly“ occupied ”. I heard that a considerable number of staff members were involved in the recording, and some people would have been troubled, such as replacing the program content. “(TV station official)

Speaking of “fashionable ism”, Shinya Ueda (49) and Izumi Mori (37) of “Creamushichu” ask questions about guest private and other things.

“Due to the nature of the program, Mr. Higashide was talking about his family. His wife was Apricot and he had three children, including twins. No. Frequently, hidden guests such as relatives also appear, but it is impossible to broadcast if affair breaks down.Since that program is provided by one company of “Shiseido”, I hide behind my wife during pregnancy and have an affair It’s difficult to pick up the “female enemies” that had been mentioned earlier, and Kyou appeared on the CM for Shiseido’s “TSSUBAKI”. ”

Shooting for “Kage and Kenji” will soon be over, but Higashide is reportedly looking uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Kyou (33) has appeared in public after a long absence at an event hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs on the 18th. He had no ring on his left ring finger and didn’t say much about the future. The same goes for Danmari’s father-in-law, Ken Watanabe (60).

“Mr. Ken posted a post with a friend and a friend on January 25 immediately after Higashide-kun’s affair report, and Twitter users criticized me as saying,” I’m carefree when my daughter is in trouble. ” Four days after this tweet, Ken deleted the Twitter account itself. “(Sports reporter)

Watanabe is planning to release a movie “Fukushima 50” depicting workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on March 11 on March 6. Perhaps you don’t want to revive your past infidelity at an important time due to the scandal of your son-in-law.

Want to see it on the contrary?

Stylish ism of Higashide appearance has been added to the store.

From a public perspective,

I want to see it because it’s this time | ω ・)


The energy of the performers and staff spent on recording was wasted

Responsibility is great.




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